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IT Buddy Support Services

Save time and generate more money!

Tech problems can happen when you least expect it and dealing with it requires a lot of patience and demands a lot of time. Now that is a fact. Have you ever thought of the time that you have lost? The money that you could have if you have used the time that you lost on doing what you do best.

Keep your PCs running smoothly with scheduled maintenance.
Security Management
Keep viruses out and prevent unsafe malware and ransomware.
Maintain stability of all online marketing campaigns
Daily checkups and update automation servers.

Our IT Buddy Support Plan - Choose What Fits!

Tier 1 Basic IT Buddy
  • From 9AM - 6PM EST
  • Remote Desktop Support / 10 Hours
  • For Single Account
  • Applications not included
  • 2 Devices Only
  • Installation and Basic Repair


Tier 2 Standard Buddy
  • From 9AM - 9PM EST
  • Remote Desktop Support / 17 Hours
  • For Multiple Accounts
  • Campaign Support
  • 2 Hours Consultation
  • Installation and Remote Repair


Tier 3 Enterprise Buddy
  • Available 24/7
  • Remote Desktop Support
  • For Corporate Accounts
  • Campaign Support
  • Dedicated Support Team
  • Servers and Desktop Support


Pay per support
  • Per hour support
  • No contract necessary
  • Remote Desktop and Server