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Jumpstart your business using today's technology.
Virtual Assistant can help you focus on what you do best.
Get more time on building your business, have a trained Virtual Assistant help you do admin tasks. Achieve your goal with less stress and have more personal time.
Achieve Your Goal Easily.
Make your data accurate, know the status of your business in real time, track each process and discover opportunities faster, and execute your strategies easily.
Expand, Be Available, Be Known!
We offer different types of online marketing campaigns that will truly boost your online presence. From creating your website, down to generating your leads and converting them into your clients.
Remote Technical Support
May it be a desktop, a laptop, or a server. We have trained and certified technical support specialist that will provide you a fast, easy, and effective solution to your IT issues.

E-Solutions Provider

We provide results driven solutions from individual to small businesses by improving their performance with minimal cost. We implementing innovative solutions that drive long-term value to our clients. Here are some of our services.
Virtual PBX
Customization and PBX that works with how you want it to work. Quality driven with a very competitive rates.
Website Design
Our web design service is ideal for small to medium scale projects and very easy to maintain. You can even update it yourself.
Messaging System
SMS Messaging, Internal Chat System or Front End Chat Support is made available even to small business.
Online Marketing
From email campaign to online listing campaign, you name it, we can do it for you. That simple and yet, cost effective.
Virtual Private Server
Resource Rich for a minimal rate. We offer virtual private servers with resources based on the applications requirements.
Customized CRM
We provide customized system to track and automate your client communications.

For Customize IT Services, please contact us!

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iTeamThinks Virtual Buddies

World Class, Experienced and Trained

What Can our Virtual Assistants Do?

  • Generate Leads
  • Set Appointments
  • Create Documentations
  • Inbound Customer Support
  • Data Entry
  • Lead Follow-ups
  • Generate Reports
  • Answers Calls
  • Emails

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Our presentation on how virtual assistants can help you grow your business.