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Hosting Services

Finding the right hosting for your small business can be overwhelming, but we make it easy for you.
  • We have the speed
  • We have the securities
  • We have the best support
  • We have 99.9% uptime

Professional Hosting for Your Business

Choose the hosting type based on your needs.
Shared Hosting
If you are a hobbyist or just wanted to have a good website that represents your business, then this is for you. Why spend more when you can share the cost with other websites,

Shared Hosting Packages

Virtual Private Server
A good reliable option for Small and Medium Type of Businesses. Cost effective and will have your own space on the server so other sites can interfere with your site.

VPS Packages

Cloud Hosting
Same as virtual private server except the sites load is spread over multiple server. If you are expecting your site to increase its growth and usage, then this is defiinitely for you.

Cloud Hosting Packages

Dedicated Server
This is best for corporates or web application that demands its own IP address with complex scripts. For websites with e-commerce or merchant sites.

Dedicated Hosting Packages